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love letters to you

  • how does your shop look?

    When I first got my shed a few years ago, I envisioned this beautiful organized pinterest perfect craft space. Instead it was always messy, rarely ...
  • do you believe in magic?

    Hello Dreamers & Rebels!  I am so excited!  Y'all may have noticed we had an extra special drop this past Saturday. I partnered with a ton of o...
  • Going Viral

    a quick look into what going viral looked like for me!
  • Trans Friends

    Respect my trans friends...or I'm gonna identify as a fuckin' problem
  • booktok

    if you're not on booktok...then why not?
  • What's in a name?

    I remember crunchy towels and clothes that smelled like sunshine as a kid. This name reminds me of those happy memories.