What inspired you to start Clothes Line Apparel Company?

The short answer is that I wanted to work for myself. The long answer is that when I was getting my second degree, I sold custom onesies on Etsy to help make ends meet. I found that I loved doing it. I closed that Etsy shop once I began teaching but found that I missed creating, so I opened a new shop but it basically just sat there with no attention from me. When COVID happened in the beginning of 2020, I lost my job because I dared to speak up about the health and safety of my colleagues as well as the families we were servicing. After that happened, I decided to revamp my Etsy shop and add on adult tees since that was my eventual goal previously. Thus, Clothes Line Apparel Company was born. And we haven't looked back! 

What brand of shirts does Clothes Line Apparel Company use for their designs?

We use Bella Canvas tees and blanks for the majority of our products. If an item is not Bella Canvas it will be stated in the product description. 

Where does Clothes Line Apparel Company get their designs?

Some are created in house, while some are purchased from online or from local artists with commercial licensing. 

What inspires the designs?

You will notice many of our designs are inspired by fictional worlds. I love books and movies, so I love to use my own creativity to interpret them and bring them to life! Still others are inspired by real life struggles that I deal with such a being a woman, being a part of the LGBTQ+ community, having a mental illness, or running a small business. And of course, my horses who I believe have saved my life on multiple occasions. I think we can be inspired by anything around us, and we should let that inspiration wash over us! 

How long does it take to get my order?

The majority of items are created at time of order, so it takes about 7-10 business days before the items will ship. After that it's entirely up to the USPS. We wish we could control everything, but unfortunately after we ship it we have zero control. 

What if I customize something, then how long does it take?

If you customize an already made design and we have the specific color shirt and materials in stock then the same processing time applies. However, if we have to procure specialty items or order additional colors of shirt and materials then processing time increases. We will keep you updated each step of the way though. 

What is the return policy? What is the cancellation policy?

Custom items are not eligible for return or refund at all. Once an order is confirmed we do begin working on it, so cancellations are not available in most cases. Please contact us if you need to cancel an order, and we will do our best. Other items are eligible for returns if they are unworn, unwashed, do not smell of smoke, and are in the original condition. Please contact us to obtain prior approval on all returns. 

Do you offer wholesale?

We do offer wholesale. Please see the wholesale page for complete information. 

What if I want a design that is listed as an adult shirt on a kids shirt?

Just send us a message! We will create a custom listing for you! Same goes for if you want a different color shirt or design!